Huahua’s Taqueria Profiled on Cooking Channel This Weekend 04/25/2014

Huahua’s Taqueria Profiled on Cooking Channel This Weekend 04/25/2014

Huahua’s Taqueria Profiled on Cooking Channel This Weekend

By Carissa Chesanek
April 25, 2014

With Cinco de Mayo coming up, we have tacos on the brain, and we’re not only ones apparently. Food Network host and chef Aaron Sanchez has a new TV special Taco Tripairing on the Cooking Channel in which he features the best tacos in the country, including one right here in Miami. Chef Todd Erickson and his South Beach Huahua’s Taqueria made the cut thanks to his drool-worthy fried-chicken tacos. The show airs this Sunday, April 27, at 8 PM and we got a chance to chat with Erickson about his segment before it hits the small screen. P.S. if you want to sample while you watch, there will be a viewing party at the restaurant.

Zagat: Tell us how you were chosen to go on Taco Trip?

Todd Erickson: They actually had heard about us through Food Network Magazine. Our fried-chicken taco is currently featured in the May issue. From what I’ve heard, they noticed by word of mouth that made it to a food writer that in turn made it to the network.

Zagat: Awesome. So what can we expect to see on the show?

TE: Expect to see fun banter between Aaron and I, a lot of taco talking and cooking – and a whole lot of taco love!

Zagat: What was the best part of being on the show?

TE: The most exciting part was being asked to do it. Just to know that we have come up with a concept that is considered one of the hottest in the country is a great honor.

Zagat: Your fried-chicken tacos have really made a name for themselves. Why makes them so special?

TE: I think our fried-chicken taco merges two things that Americans can’t seem to get enough of: tacos and fried chicken. Merging those together with the cornbread, ranch and Mexican spices kind of struck a home run!

Craving more taco mania? Keep your eyes on Zagat Miami.


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